Third Trimester Fun

You know what frustrates me? Fitness groups talking trash against one another. I am not just talking about people who don’t like CrossFit, they have every right to, but why say terrible things about it? I am also referencing CrossFitters (and any fitness enthusiast) who speak negatively of other fitness groups, for example Zumba class attendees, elliptical machine masters, and body builders. Why can’t we all just get along? We are all working toward making ourselves better in some way, so why all the negativity towards one another? Everyone has to find their niche in the community, and I am just so happy to see it is them getting off the couch and shutting off the TV. Maybe next time you see someone coming out of a class you are unfamiliar with, instead of hopping on Facebook and making fun of them, you should simply give them a high five and tell them good job. Everyone is fighting their own battle, you don’t need to make it more difficult for them.

35 weeks Here I am at 35 weeks.  I am running out of room for this baby!

Ok, so this should be my last training during pregnancy post! I have had a challenging third trimester this go around, but will share with you what I was able to do for most of it. Next week I am working on a post with my plan for hopping back in to training once the baby comes, plus a list of fun events I am planning on participating in to keep me motivated. For now, let’s focus on the third trimester…

Training didn’t change a lot between my second and third trimesters. As my stomach grew, certain things got more challenging, like pull ups and ring dips, but I just tried to find more creative ways of scaling. I only did movements that were comfortable for me, so running and box jumps were now officially out! However, brisk walking, biking, and rowing still felt ok, as well as step ups, so that is what I did. I am still able to do pull ups, though I make sure to choose a bar where my feet are only an inch or so off the ground in the bottom of the pull up for safety. Lifting weights feels great, I just keep the weight lower and modify movements to make room for my belly, for example, sumo dead lifts instead of regular dead lifts, and still using dumbbells for any movement that crosses my belly so there is no chance of accidentally hitting my belly with a barbell. I keep intensity to levels low enough where I can talk at all times comfortably, ensuring my baby is getting plenty of oxygen.

With my first baby, I was able to train up to the day she was born, and though I got very uncomfortable and tired toward the end of my pregnancy, moving always made me feel better. A few weeks ago, at my 34 week appointment, we discovered my blood pressure had shot through the roof, and I needed to be checked for preeclampsia. All of my blood work came back perfect, so I was cleared, but I have had problems with my blood pressure ever since, so have seen the doctor twice a week to monitor the baby. I have also had Braxton Hickes contractions every ten to fifteen minutes for the last two weeks. After an exciting trip to Labor and Delivery last Friday where I was having contractions every two minutes for nearly eight hours, with my blood pressure spiking higher than ever, I was told by the midwife that it was time to “princess out”. I was to no longer be carrying things up and down the stairs, going for walks with my daughter, or be exercising in any shape or form in case it were to negatively affect my blood pressure or cause me to go in to pre-term labor. As disappointing as it was to hear, and with how crappy I feel laying low for so long, I am absolutely more than happy to do what I need to do to protect my new baby. Resting this much sure makes me feel for moms that are on true bed rest for any period of time, what a challenge!

So, a short but sweet post this week, but I am hoping next week’s will either have newborn baby photos and a labor and delivery story, OR it will be jam packed with exciting new training plans and a list of challenging events to keep me motivated and training hard postpartum.

Ultrasound shot 22 weeks


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