First Day!

Day One has began!  I am so excited to start elevating my heart rate and getting some oxygen pumping through my body.  Mondays and Fridays are going to be my “active rest” days, so will include hiking and biking with the family, light runs, skill work, and naps.  Today I was planning on doing some light running intervals to get my legs used to moving again.  I was so excited to head out the door at 5 AM and listen to the birds wake up, but we had a huge temperature drop and four inches of fresh snow!  Looks like I will be completing my run this afternoon when the roads aren’t slick and the sun is out.  Wish me luck!

On to the fun part: weight and measurement day!  I never thought I would expose myself like this, but I know it is the only way I will be completely honest and strict when it comes to my nutrition.  Also, I completely forgot I was going to share a photo with you until Tanner was heading out the door to work, so you are getting the bare, raw, bedhead version of KJ.  No make up, crazy hair.  Every girls dream of sharing online!  Here you go:

Weight: 165 (my normal competition weight, but a much softer version!)

Waist (measured at navel): 34

Hips (largest part of the booty): 39

Right/Left Thigh (largest part): 23/23

Right/Left Arm (largest part): 12.25/12.5

Right/Left Calf (largest part): 14.5/14.5

Chest (one hour after nursing): 38.5

Shoulders (clavicle height, arms down): 46

2 Wks PP side 2 Wks PP

More to come on Friday about how this week’s new nutrition plan and training plan have treated me!  Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “First Day!

  1. kellyjoanns Post author

    Naps are important, Darla! ;0) So a quick update on yesterday’s run- it felt AMAZING! I am sorry California, but your runs are nothing compared to running in the crisp Rocky Mountain air at a mile high. I already feel so rejuvenated, I can’t wait to keep moving.


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